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Altair Hyperworks Online Training HyperMesh Online Training - Day 1

In this training series, I have covered 1D, 2D & 3D Meshing techniques by using HyperMesh.. also I have discussed Geometry editing.. different types of Analysis which we can perform using HyperWorks product like Radioss & OptiStruct.. and most important is that, in this training series I have covered all the disciplines of Optimization like Topology optimization, Topography Optimization, Shape Optimization, Size Optimization, Composite Optimization, Combination Optimization... If you find it useful please share your valuable comments @ Regards Apoorv Bapat.

In this training session I have covered theory on:-
Introduction to Meshing
1-D Meshing
2-D Meshing
3-D Meshing
Elements Quality Checks
Material & Property Information

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