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Showing posts from October, 2011

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial: Weldment

This Autodesk Inventor Video Tutorial shows the concept of creating a Weldment in detail. This video shows converting an assembly to a Weldment and applying welds.

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial: Sheet Metal

In this Autodesk Inventor Video Tutorial, Inventor tools for developing Sheet Metal parts are detailed out. Inventor commands covered in this tutorial are Sheet Metal Defaults [Define Sheet Material & Thickness, Seam or Rip Gap, Bend Radius, Corner Relief Shape], Face, Flange, Bend, Contour Flange, Unfold, Punch Tool, Refold, Cut, Contour Roll, Lofted Flange, Rip.

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial: Drawings

In this Autodesk Inventor Tutorial video, drawings concept has been covered in detail. It starts with the basics of Part Drawings, shows how to create advanced views and apply annotation to Part Drawings and Assembly Drawings.

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial: Assembly Constraints

In this Autodesk Inventor Tutorials video an overview of the most commonly used Assembly Constraints has been made in detail.

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial: Part Modeling

In this Autodesk Inventor Tutorial video part modeling Basics to advanced concepts are covered. Advanced part modeling features like Loft, Sweep with Guide Rails, Patterns & Complex fillets are covered. How to replace faces or use open profiles for solid features is shown.

Autodesk Inventor Tutorial: Sketching

In this Autodesk Inventor Tutorial video the basics of sketching in the Autodesk Inventor Part Modeling environment has been covered.